Transcope NJ Warehousing

Warehousing your products and materials safely and securely is a top priority at Transcope. Our clean, climate-controlled facility is fully equipped for large cargo storage, management and delivery. We provide turnkey consulting, storage and delivery services for all major elevator and escalator manufacturers throughout the New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and eastern Pennsylvania region.

Our experienced, dedicated and professional staff brings you the level of care and attention your materials require.

Our warehouse includes:

  • 130,000 square feet of clean, well-maintained, inside storage space
  • 9 overhead cranes
  • 3-ton through 30-ton capacity
  • sixty-five feet drive-in and back-in loading bays
  • inbound cargo pickup, rapid storage, retrieval and full or partial delivery to your designated jobsite
  • real time inventory reporting, updating and management
  • optimized product packaging, including shrink-wrap sealing, for storage, handling and shipping
  • 24/7 security surveillance monitoring
  • consultation, including jobsite visits, to ensure optimal delivery design

Give us a call at (973) 584-8400 for an estimate. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.